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We offer a range of services to help businesses migrate to, or optimize their use of, AWS and services to help businesses leverage the power of AI and machine learning

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Cloud Consulting – AWS

At Fantom Tech, we specialize in helping businesses of all sizes leverage the power of the cloud through expert AWS consulting services.

Our team of certified AWS professionals has a deep understanding of the AWS platform and a track record of helping clients achieve their business goals through the effective use of cloud technologies.

Cloud Migration

We can help you migrate your applications, data, and workloads to the AWS cloud, ensuring a smooth and successful transition.

Cloud infrastructure design and optimization

We can help you design and optimize your cloud infrastructure to meet the needs of your business, including choosing the right mix of AWS services and ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Cloud-based application development

Our team of certified developers can help you build and deploy cloud-based applications using AWS services such as Amazon Elastic Container Service, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, and AWS Lambda.

Security and Compliance

We can help you secure your AWS environment and ensure compliance with relevant regulations and industry standards.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

We offer ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that your AWS environment is running smoothly and effectively. This includes monitoring, troubleshooting, and performance optimization.


Technologies constantly evolve and will continue to enhance, Fantom Technologies’ strategies and add innovation to businesses in numerous sectors with emerging technologies like artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and IoT.

Custom machine learning applications

We can build customized applications that leverage machine learning algorithms to solve specific business problems. This might include image or text recognition, natural language processing, or predictive maintenance.

Machine learning infrastructure

We can set up and maintain the infrastructure needed to support your machine learning initiatives, including data storage, compute resources, and monitoring tools.

Data Analytics

We can help you analyze and interpret large amounts of data to gain insights and inform business decisions. This includes data visualization, predictive modeling, and machine learning algorithms.

Training and Support

We offer training and support to help you understand and effectively use machine learning technologies.


What drives technology, humans, or algorithms?

Is technology good or bad?

It is inevitable technology will replace many human functions. However, humanity, people and their connection with others, awareness, and cultures are what keep our society thriving.

    Technology for humanity

    As Fantom Tech builds solutions, we think about the ethical impact of our applications and data. We also strive to build impactful cultures within companies that should thrive in modern society.


    Creating a positive culture within a company can have a significant impact on employee satisfaction and productivity.


    Here are a few steps that Fantom Tech takes to improve its compliance with ADA and to create an inclusive environment for all employees, including those with disabilities: Conduct an accessibility audit, Develop an accessibility policy, Provide training, Regularly evaluate and improve and Encourage an inclusive culture.

    Giving back

    Part of Fantom Tech’s mission is to give back to our communities. This is an important way for Fantom Tech to show its commitment to social responsibility and to make a positive impact on society. Here are a few ways that Fantom Tech gives back: Volunteering, Charitable donations, Community service, Partnering with a non-profit, Support education and Encouraging sustainability, and many more.

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